Philas Stamp Auction Vendor Information

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars

  • Vendors can lot their own material, however a complete service is available from receipt of material to final settlement.
  • Material is fully insured whilst in Philas care.
  • 1500+ catalogues are sent out globally to give the lots extensive exposure and are available on our website.
  • Settlement cheques are mailed out within six weeks of the sale.
  • Sale rates are high - we have an army of bidders waiting to bid on your lots!
  • Vendors who self lot (describe, price, estimate, and house lots) qualify for the 15% rate for all sales up to AUD$2,500.


  • Requires each lot to be of an initial estimated value of AUD$80.
  • Imposes an 80% Reserve on all material lotted to protect Vendors' interest.
  • Permits Self Lotters to set a reasonable reserves.
  • Will re-offer the lot a second time at a lower estimate if Philas considers the item to be saleable.
  • Will arrange an appointment to negotiate terms for a sale of larger or specialised holdings.

Scale of Charges
As at 5th September 2009 (subject to change without notice)

Charges are based on "an offering". The greater the Sale Price realised for that offering, the lower the rate of commission.

Sales up to AUD$1,000 16%
from AUD$1,001 to $2,500 15%   (Self Lotter & Charity Rate)
from AUD$2,500 upwards 14%

An Administration Fee of AUD$2 per lot as catalogued will be charged and /or deducted from proceeds, whether or not the lot is sold.

Buyers of lots do not pay GST.

Auction Enquires -

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About Auction

The Philas Stamp Auctions, established in 1975 is the the oldest philatelic auction service in NSW for the benefit of stamp collectors, and the future of philately. Nett proceeds of our auctions remain in NSW to foster philately - there are no shareholders and no paid staff.

Philas is a 100% Voluntary, Not-for-Profit independent organisation. You too can become a Philas helper. Check out our volunteer's page