Catalogues General
AAMC Australian Air mail (Eustis) Est Estimate
ASC (SS) Australasian Stamp (Seven Seas)(29th Edition) FDC First Day Cover
BW  ACSC) Brusden White, Aust Commonwealth Specialist FDI First Day of Issue
CP Campbell Paterson FFC First Flight Cover
Mi Michel FU Fine Used (better than GU)
Sc Scott FV Face Value
SG Stanley Gibbons GU Good Used (better than U)
Zu Zumstein H/less Hingeless
General Incl Including
Accum Accumulation L/H Light House (stockbook)
Ad     Advert Advertisement MHH     HHM Heavy Hinged Mint
Addr Addressed MLH      LHM Light Hinged Mint
Bk Book MNG Mint no Gum
Bklts Booklets M/S         m/s Mini-sheet
blk block of Mss Manuscript
Br Comm British Commonwealth M&U Mint & Used
BS      b/s back stamped MUH      UHM Mint unhinged
Canc     cxl cancel / cancelled o/c Off centre
Cat catalogue o/w Otherwise
CDS     cds Circular Date Stamp OG Original Gum
Ch s/bk Chinese stockbook Ovpt        o/p Overprint/ed
Cmcl Commercial Pkts Packets
Colln Collection PMK       pmk Postmark
Commem Commemorative POP Post Office Pack
Cond Condition PSE Pre Stamped Envelope
Cont Contains Seln Selection
CTO Cancelled to Order STC Stated to Catalogue
CV Catalogue Value s/bk Stockbook
Cvr Cover unaddr Unaddressed
Defins Definitives VFU Very Fine Used (better than FU)
Docs Documents w/c Well Centred
Dupl, dups Duplicates WMK     wmk Watermark
Env Envelopes



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